Cancer Comfort Kits

Send a care package of comfort items to someone undergoing cancer treatment.  Choose from our carefully constructed Kits or choose individual items from our A La Carte selection.


The Concept

Founded by a cancer widow (and her son) who also worked in cancer care for over a dozen years, Cancer Comfort Kits strives to provide useful items at a time when most people are dealing with the shock and stress of a cancer diagnosis.  Our Kits offer practical products that can help patients - both children and adults - get through their  cancer treatment.  Our kits are made to order so you can customize them to meet your needs.  Choose colors, add a la carte items and if you have a special request, just note it in the comments at checkout.


Providing Comfort

When someone we know is diagnosed with cancer, we all want to do something to help.  A Cancer Comfort Kit can give support to cancer patients during a difficult time.  The items in our Kits are selected based on years of experience, and an understanding of what many patients experience while receiving treatment.  Each kit contains a range of items to make the patient more comfortable, as well as items to help conquer boredom, before, during and after treatment.  Recipients' confidentiality is protected at all times.


Giving Back

Many patients who are undergoing cancer treatment cannot afford the cost of their care, much less the additional costs of items that might make them feel better during treatment.  To help make sure that others who need comfort can receive it, a portion of our proceeds are donated to organizations that support cancer patients who need financial assistance.